You never know…

.. when a light saber battle will break out
.. when you will be the recipient of a hug from a small boy
.. when a pajama clad Transformer will come down the stairs
.. when a cowboy costume is the logical accompaniment to a sword
.. when covering someone’s car in snow is the ultimate expression of love

Last week my husband, the unfailingly nostalgic one among us, asked me to come up with some of my best memories of our boys. I will admit that I struggled. Not least because I, like so many mothers, am guilty of just trying to manage our life, to survive life with boys, to get them (and us) from one day to the next with clean(ish) clothes and no broken bones. I have not intentionally allowed the years to slip by in a haze of reprimands and “mind your p’s and q’s”, but there are certainly times when all I can remember it the management of it all, and none of the fun stuff.

So, I am thinking that this post, “You never know..” is the beginning of a series – perhaps weekly, perhaps not – that will encourage me to be an active cataloguer of the daily joys and memories of this life.

If you would like to join me, just comment and link to to your, “You Never Know…” post. It is simple really, join me in observing the strange little joys of your life and share them with me for encouragement or giggles – whatever makes you smile!