Dangerous School for Boys – Introduction

The Lizard Hunter and I have been struggling to find our groove in homeschooling this year.

The Youngest of the Reluctant Clan is all boy, all the time; a dynamo of energy and creativity for whom a facsimile of traditional school at home just isn’t cutting it.  It has been wearing on both of us to try and shoehorn his wild boyhood into a traditional math and reading based curriculum.  In addition to personality, learning differences have played their part in forcing us to think new thoughts about instilling a love of learning in our Dangerous Boy.

To that end; I introduce: The Dangerous School for Boys!  Join us as we take the Dangerous Book for Boys as our textbook and journey into the unknown, jump off piers, make treehouses and explore ancient Sparta… among other things.

Dangerous School

Do you want to join us on our Journey? Do you have an out of the box boy, or girl, whose spirit longs to soar and dive with every change in the wind? Leave a comment below and link to your Dangerous School posts.

And now, if you don’t mind, I’m off to practice my morse code and smoke signals!




It’s been a While….


… OK, it’s been more than a while, a couple of years even, but, you see, it’s been a whole other level of crazy over here and it’s taking some getting used to!

We can now add homeschooling, rock-climbing, bible-teaching and other wonders to the resume… and all while trying to cling on to this wondrous, spinning rock for dear life.

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.26.34 PM

I want to blog more, truly, dear reader {if there are any out there left who occasionally check back to see if I’m still alive}, because, more than anything, I’m afraid that if I don’t write this down, if I don’t document this wild ride, I’ll forget it. It will become just another phase that I’ve outgrown, moved past, or just plain forgotten. And there’s the rub, because, in allowing my life to whizz past me, I feel as though I’m losing little bits of myself in the rush. I’m missing the richness in order to survive, and I want more from this life, more reflection, more revelation and perhaps, just perhaps, a little less reluctance.

Longing for depth,

The Reluctant Suburbanite