A “Nasty Woman” and the Enneagram

“What a Nasty Woman!”

This is what we get called when our need for truth-telling outweighs our need for approval.  When the anger, passion and injustice flood over the dam of societal convention that dictates women are to be small, quiet, uncomplicated and, above all, pleasant.  … Read More A “Nasty Woman” and the Enneagram


Stepping into the Certain “Yes”. (A Story in Stages cont’d)

Uncertainty in the eyes of a results driven world is dangerous. We are foolish to squander opportunity. Childish naïveté will lead to destruction, the voices tell us. Tow the line. Do the expected, be secure, be safe, be normal.

Uncertainty reflected in the eyes of the Certain “Yes” is joyous adventure. We are wise to drop everything and follow the way of our Servant Saviour. Childish joy leads to discovery, the Living Word tells us. Follow Him. Challenge the expected, be redeemed, be brave, be abnormal.… Read More Stepping into the Certain “Yes”. (A Story in Stages cont’d)

A Symphony of Worship.

“I have belonged to, grown in and loved many different expressions of this wondrous Bride of Christ. I have been blessed by the richness that has afforded me in my walk with the Lord, the ability to worship him in many styles has kept me alive in some of the deepest valleys of life. But, in my reflecting over these past years, I have found myself distressed by one commonality across all streams; that we, the body of Christ, seem to be unable to love the way WE do things without denigrating other preferences. We default to the position that the way WE express our adoration to our King, is THE way, THE best, THE most Godly, THE most theologically correct.”… Read More A Symphony of Worship.