To the women I met at coffee today…

Dear Sisters, I want for you, lives lived out loud, lives of consuming passion for your world and for people who SEE you, and love you in all your wild, broken complexity. I hope we meet again, but in the meantime, I hope you seek out voices that free you, that give you wings. Voices like Glennon, and the incomparable Brené Brown, wonderful, flawed, gracious women like Jen Hatmaker, and artists with the gift of honestly and self-compassion like Amena Brown and Nichole Nordeman. I hope we meet again and share our stories, to encourage one another to live boldly in a world that wants us small but needs us to be large.… Read More To the women I met at coffee today…


Easily Led

“Easily Led”, we say, as though a person’s will is so weak, or their character so deficient as to be incapable of independent thought.  But what if they are merely seeking to shortcut the wilderness, what if they are looking to others to fulfill the words of the Ancient One over their lives? What if… Read More Easily Led

Stepping into the Certain “Yes”. (A Story in Stages cont’d)

Uncertainty in the eyes of a results driven world is dangerous. We are foolish to squander opportunity. Childish naïveté will lead to destruction, the voices tell us. Tow the line. Do the expected, be secure, be safe, be normal.

Uncertainty reflected in the eyes of the Certain “Yes” is joyous adventure. We are wise to drop everything and follow the way of our Servant Saviour. Childish joy leads to discovery, the Living Word tells us. Follow Him. Challenge the expected, be redeemed, be brave, be abnormal.… Read More Stepping into the Certain “Yes”. (A Story in Stages cont’d)