Be Restored

re·sur·gent  (r-sûrjnt)  (adj.)

1. Experiencing or tending to bring about renewal or revival.

2. Sweeping or surging back again.

Word Origin and History for resurgent (adj.)

1808, from obsolete verb resurge “to rise again” (1570s), from Latin resurgere “rise again, lift oneself, be restored,”from re- “again (see re- ) + surgere “to rise”.

Why The Resurgent Anglican?

There has always been a part of me that has deeply loved the comforting liturgical flow of the Book of Common Prayer. Sunday Morning Eucharist, even in my darkest times of self-immolation on the altar of post-modernity, has always been a place of sanctuary and rest.

stained glass cup

However, like so many who grew up with those lovely words as the backing track to teenage angst and rebellion, when the Lord finally wooed my heart, I threw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Despite the fact that my awakening actually began in an Anglican church, I associated the established church with stifling conformism and dead religion. In my zeal to cast my life with total abandon at the feet of Jesus, I ran from the familiar words and routines to explore new expressions of worship and community.

In the almost 20 years since I last worshipped with consistency in liturgical communion, I have attended Non-Denominational, Pentecostal, Bible, and Baptist churches.  I have seen breadth and depth and beauty in the body of Christ, both at home and abroad.  I have loved and been loved by believers of every flavour, and I count that as riches beyond compare.

So it is with surprise that I find myself returning, in a sense, to my roots. Roots which now are infused with such beauty and meaning that I sometimes wonder how I survived without them.  The depth of communion entered into during a Sunday service takes my breath away. Knowing we walk in the steps of believers through the years, professing truths and affirming our faith in the One who created us, infuses my worship with depth no chorus or rousing sermon ever could.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I hope that, in these pages of observations and questionings, we can converse together about church and faith and Kingdom,  Above all, I hope you will see Jesus reflected in my words and that He will use this to draw us all closer to Him.

Longing for depth and joy.

Ally – AKA The Resurgent Anglican


2 thoughts on “Be Restored

  1. My friend,

    These words are beautiful truths and you are a fabulous writer!!!
    I love this article so much. It reaches in the depths of my heart and formulates words for me I could never express. I’m so happy to see your heart rooted and grounded, not only in Christ, but the faith that goes back thousands of years. I feel like I’m in a similar place but don’t know how to articulate. Having been born again only since 1998 I’m just now starting to find my way in many respects. I love you and so happy to see this blog. It brings a great reflection, healing and peace with my own seeking heart.



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