On Multitasking and other misnomers…

I blinked, and stepped away from my computer for 20 seconds, and a year went by!

What happened? Oh, I know, multitasking…. and seriously inept at it I appear to be! Therein lies the rub, dear readers, for me multitasking is a misnomer, what actually happens is that while attempting to do many things at once, I end up doing nothing well and even less gets accomplished than normal! So I gave up on my blog when it became yet another thing on the to do list…

But, ’tis a new year, a new season, and I have resolved to blog a little more and stress out a little less!

So, here, three months too late are my “New Year’s resolutions”:

1. I will blog at least monthly
2. I will not demand perfectionism of myself or those around me
3. I will endeavor to have a sense of humor about the ever encroaching army of orphaned socks, shoes and legos that threaten to take over my life!

Coming soon to a Reluctant Suburb near you:

Veggie gardening for maniacs!!
Parent-School cooperative education… thoughts, plans, hopes etc
and much more!

Thanks for sticking around, stay for a comment or a cuppa!

The Reluctant Suburbanite


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