Bear with me!

OK, so I know I have been inconsistent at best and downright unreliable at worst – but you will just have to bear with me.

Over the past few months I have been mulling over a change in direction for my blog, although, in truth, it may be more accurate to say choose a direction for my blog! Because of this lack of decision and general laziness on my part, let’s be honest here, there have been almost no posts since May and I now don’t know where to begin again!
I will be redesigning Waiting for Rain this month and promise to be back to my old sparkling self soon; hopefully with a sense of purpose and a little clarity.
In the mean time, head on over to my friends’ Jay, Holly & Shauna’s new venture: Business2Blogger and join in the fun… I am secretly hoping that I will win the Blog Makeover and save myself weeks of agonizing decision making on fonts / pictures/ buttons etc.. hint hint Shauna!!

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