Weekend Reflections

Yesterday I watched a much loved member of our church family bury her four year old son.

I don’t know what to say to make it OK, I can’t even begin to know the depths of her sorrow and all I can do is go home and hug my four year old even tighter. The service of celebration forCaden’s life was led by Matt Chandler, The Village Church’s senior and teaching pastor, and was a beautiful evocation of what we were all feeling; that while this is desperately sorrowful and painful, there is hope and life offered in our deeply held faith that says that, one day, Jesus will make this all right, that He will fix what was broken in the fall of man and that He will reconcile all things to Himself.

“Lord, you are good and you do good” Psalm 119:68

Today, I am flooded with the realization of what we have, in two wild and unruly boys, is precious and to be treasured, yet also that they are not “mine” but rather on loan to me until such time as they are called home again. I find myself just a little more patient in the light of this weekend, a little more willing to allow the dust to take over my home in exchange for a few precious minutes playing trains or cars or light-sabre-carrying-ninjas. I am honored that I have such wonderful children and that they want to play with me, what could be more important?

So, my prayer today is that I will be more patient and more willing to take the time to point them to Jesus and his goodness and grace, and that I would fulfill the task given me of raising them to be men of faith and compassion and mission. Because the Lord is Good and He does Good to us all the days of our lives.



1 thought on “Weekend Reflections

  1. Ally
    I like your blog site..I am so glad you are onlline in this blog way..writing very interesting items.
    ..I was sad aout your firend losing her little son.

    also Kevin’ lynchs recipes delicious. I will have to try them Have you t ried any?

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