Open Season

It appears that it is open season at my house… by that I mean that everyone appears to have become adept at taking aim at, throwing things at and hitting everyone else.  “To what end?”  you may ask, well, as far as I can tell, it is all designed to provoke an outraged reaction from the closest parent, which, by the way dear readers, is ALWAYS me!  (oops did I just shout that? I am obviously demonstrating why I am the target of this war of attrition!)

The problem is that it has become self perpetuating, they yell/ hit/ throw stuff and I, in return, display all the properties of a rocket preparing to enter outer space, while they look a little stunned / dissolve into tears  and then, I feel guilty and indulge them with yet more TV time or a cookie or a cup of tea… which then begins the cycle of violence all over again, because for whatever reason, they are totally unsatisfied with their unrighteous gains so on and so on!  
I just had a revelation!! They are congenitally incapable of coexisting genially while there is a mother in the room.. but, for the most part, they are fine when I am elsewhere!  Thats it!  I am off to the Caribbean for a week, Spring break is here, I am sure they will be fine without me… 
For your comments today, I humbly ask for your best parenty advice on keeping the peace between a 3 & 5 year old who could both go 10 rounds with Mike Tyson and come out on top!! Failing that, entertain me with tales of your little dears and their pitched battles!!

3 thoughts on “Open Season

  1. Dig a moat between them, and pave it with tacks and broken glass. They’ll learn.I have the same problem, and ZERO solutions.Sorry.;-)Jay

  2. with my oldest i implemented a “marble jar system”. there is a sad jar and a happy jar. all of the marbles start out in the sad jar. when she is caught being good, doing chores without whining, playing with brother without fighting, i make effort to notice and reward her by moving a marble from sad to happy. marbles are not moved the other way for punishment. it has been great for me to notice more good behavior rather than feeling like i am non stop punishing her. anyway, we started out with like 15 marbles and a $3 toy she was wanting. i put the toy right by the jar where she could see it but not touch it. anyway, we are now graduated up to like 45 marbles and she “earns” solo dates with daddy or me. i think the first few have to be “fast” earned but after that if they want bigger prizes it “costs” more marbles. it has been working GREAT! i took her to the movies today at the mall as her latest marble jar reward. email me if you have more questions. i think both of yours are old enough to do this.

  3. NatalieThat is a wonderful idea… now if only i could find a part of my house that I can reach but they can’ t! I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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