What a Riot!!

OK, so my weekend was a study in contrasts!

It all started when, on Friday night at an Open meeting for our MonaVie business, I saw an old colleague and friend from back in Florida, the reconnects continued all day Saturday with one leader after another getting distracted while they were speaking because there were these faces that they recognized but couldn’t place… due to the whole relocation thing. 
The catching up with old friends was encouraging for a number of reasons, most of which are along the lines of, “If they can do it, and they are normal, workaday peeps, then so can we!”. But then around five, as we prepared to go our separate ways, with promises of “We’ll call / email / keep in touch!”, I started to get nervous.  Not, you see, on account of these old, rekindled friendships, but more because in a couple of hours, I was going to meet a whole crowd of new people, most of whom I had never met, or for the most part even heard of…. 
So, confession time… I am VERY VERY new at this whole blogging thing, I don’t know what a Mr Linky is, I have no idea how to edit HTML, I am absolutely lost when it comes to monetizing and buttons and pages and archives.. I don’t even have enough posts to have an archive!!   And I, this unaccomplished newbie was going to the DFW Blogger Dinner, with 29 strangers, a few of whom I have loved from a blogging distance but mostly unknown and therefore potential axe murderers / strangers / aliens!!  
I am thrilled to report that they were all, without exception, really fun, witty, almost totally normal (in that awesome totally screwed up on the inside way that bloggers are!) and absolutely hilarious!  I admit to being lost when conversations turned to the more technical side of blogging, and Mary Ann ( of The Stiletto Mom), I am really looking forward to our chat this week, although I won’t be a bit surprised if you are at a loss as to what to do with such a one as I!!  Dorsey, Natalie, Christina, Lisa, and Texan Mama, you were all absolutely brilliant dinner companions, I have rarely had so much fun at a dinner table, and almost never find people who talk as much as me!!  
I can’t wait for the next one, and shall henceforth have to severely limit my blog reading / computer time lest my life be solely lived vicariously through all your wit and wisdom and stick figures (Holly!). 
I am honored to count some of you as friends already and look forward to adding to that list daily!  
Thank you for making my weekend!
Ally 🙂

11 thoughts on “What a Riot!!

  1. So very glad you joined us Ally! Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you more but hopefully next time. I mean now that you KNOW we are mostly normal you’ll come again, right? : )

  2. I SO totally read that whole post in YOUR voice! That.was.awesome! You were fantastic as well and thanks again for ordering for me. tee hee hee

  3. Now we’ve got you hook, line and sinker – there’s no turning back from blogging now!! It was awesome to meet you – and it was awesome to hear this whole post in your lovely voice. :o) Till next time!

  4. Yep, you have definitely joined the dark side now. mwahahahahaha.So fun to meet you. I wished I could have talked to you more. I love it when my blog friends become real.What a fun night.

  5. It was fun chatting with you on Sat-semi-stranger! You can pop over my house anytime-laundry piles and all. I’ll even let you fold the unmentionables. 😉

  6. i am so glad that you had a good time and thrilled that you attended the dinner! i mean, you called me a “brilliant dinner companion” and i am honored! hope we get to see each other again soon!

  7. So glad you had a great time…I meant to offer, if you need any help with the technical side of the blogging bit dont be afraid to ask!And be careful going over to Kristin’s house…it is one big petri dish. Bring your Hazmat suit.

  8. how fun…and to think i’ve been blogging all this time and have never heard of the “blogger dinner” …you’ll have to give me the scoop!

  9. I didn’t get to talk to you or meet you either, but hopefully at one of the next ones. It is fun to know there are so many fellow DFW bloggers out there.

  10. Wow! What fun! And I just met you at church…boring? NOT! You will have to fill me in, I had no idea there was such a thing as this blogger dinner. I am going to check out all my blogger neighbors!

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