Neither Strange nor Alien!!

Go figure!

My new neighbor, the friendship initiated by my mother, is neither strange nor alien, in fact, to date she appears to be normal! 
So normal, in fact, that she allows me into her house when it is covered in laundry, dishes, and discarded attempts at homework!  I think I may be in love!!
Is it just me?  I mean that? Am I the only one (well, apart from R) who believes that if you are really going to be my friend that it is normal for you to have to pick your way through towers of lego, mountains of laundry, and the half completed rocket project sitting on the counter to have a cup of tea and a chit chat?  Until last week, I thought that all suburban American homes had an automatic locking mechanism.. when they were messy or dirty or just normally untidy (to my mind – a home!) the door didn’t open, except perhaps to allow the hostess to poke her head out and say that they really were on their way out, or in the middle of homework, or … !
I  have decided to begin establishing “pop in” rights with friends… where we are both welcome to pop in whenever, where we won’t be worried about the outward state of our homes because good friends could not possibly be worries about such things and where we won’t be remotely offended if the other is genuinely on their way out, or in the middle of homework etc…
So, come on over, it is always chaos here but you are most welcome to add to it!

4 thoughts on “Neither Strange nor Alien!!

  1. I’d LOVE to just pop in at your place!!! And of course you’re more than welcome to mine…though knock REALLY loud we have a crappy doorbell and I can’t hear it at ALL if I’m in my normal habitat (the bedroom).

  2. We are friends then because I hate the lock out. Really, my house is a disaster sometimes and that is just how it is supposed to be.P.S. My favorite meal in the whole world is Palak Paneer with rice and naan and chai tea. Mmmm…just thinking about it makes me hungry.I just posted a Mr. Linky so if you write about Saturday night, please link in!

  3. Loved meeting you last night Ally, if only briefly. Hope you all had fun on that end, we had an absolute riot at our table…such amazing personalities behind these blogs…Ok, I am off to read a bit in your blog…I notice you are new, hope you stick with it!!!Jay @ HalftimeLessons

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