This past few weeks have been interesting… not so much because of the actual events, but rather because of the revelations of who I am and how I am wired that have emerged.  For example:

I am unable to focus entirely on more than one thing at a time … I have become an either / or sort of girl, most definitely to the detriment of my walk with the Lord and, some would say, to the detriment of my ability to think and hold a conversation!  
I long for clarity, security and stability and constantly seek them where they cannot be found, much to my dismay and frustration.  I know that I need to find all those things in the arms of my Saviour so why do I look elsewhere?  
For someone who talks as much as I do, blogging is extraordinarily and surprisingly hard… not least because picking which thought to blog about is like picking a flower and finding that once  you get it home and try to draw it, that a) your skill at depiction is definitely lacking; and b) the flower is not quite as fascinating out of it’s natural environment.  This leads me to a new idea, perhaps this week, I will try and give you all a little slice of our crazy life, perhaps even a daily slice.  I can’t vouch for the quality or content of this little experiment… but here goes!
See you on the other side!

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